Water Power (Energy Today) by Michael Burgan

By Michael Burgan

Hydraulic energy has been used for centuries for every thing from sawmills to steam turbines. Water energy explores the earlier and current makes use of for this resource of renewable strength and makes use of bright images and illustrations to debate its destiny in power improvement.

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They have fewer harmful effects than large dams. Hydropower will still be used to create electricity. In the future, though, companies and governments will probably do more research on the other forms of water power. Tidal and wave energy seem to be the most likely sources. Researchers know some people have concerns about the turbines used to create tidal and wave power. One way to prevent possible harm is to use turbines that move very slowly. In 2008, the world’s largest tidal turbine began working off the coast of Ireland.

Kinetic: Relating to motion. ecological: Concerned with laboratory: A place where the relationships between living scientists do research and conduct things and their environment. experiments. environment: The land, water, natural resources: Minerals, and air in a particular area. plants, or other items that are environmentalist: A person who found in nature and are taken and used to make products or produce cares about and seeks to protect energy. nature and the environment. 44 power plant: A place for the solar: Relating to the Sun.

Glacier: A large body of ice that moves slowly across land. global warming: The gradual warming of Earth’s atmosphere and surface, caused by the buildup of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that trap heat. greenhouse gases: Gases that trap heat from the Sun within the atmosphere; carbon dioxide is one of the most common. converter: A device that changes hydropower: Power created from one form of energy into another. the energy in moving water. corrosion: The act of eating irrigate: To supply water to land away at something, destroying it so that crops can grow.

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