Vocabulary: Media and Marketplace Words (Vocabulary in by Joanne Suter

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Creation, discovery 3. aired, transmitted 6. com 40 Many shoppers complain about frequent visits to the grocery store. They don’t enjoy the wobblywheeled carts, busy parking lots, crowded aisles, or long checkout lines. But when you need food, the shopping must be done! Some companies are trying to make grocery shopping more convenient. With more families owning personal computers, dot-com companies are offering buyers the chance to grocery shop over the Internet. Now consumers can shop from home—and they can do it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Redundant ______ completely incorrect ______ more than enough 8. documentary ______ a dramatic film or TV show based mainly on facts ______ an electronic tool usually found in a doctor’s office or hospital 9. producer ______ the person in charge of a supermarket’s produce section ______ a person who organizes the business side of putting on a play, TV show, or film 10. investigative ______ describing someone or something that questions and explores a matter ______ describing someone who invests funds in a play, film, or other business WORDS IN CONTEXT Circle the challenge word that correctly completes each sentence.

At what place do drivers pay a small fee for using a bridge or road? _______________________ HIDDEN WORDS PUZZLE Find and circle the words in the hidden word puzzle. Words may go up, down, across, backward, or diagonally. Check off each word as you find it. ___ BROCHURE ___ ONLINE ___ INVESTMENT ___ BONUS ___ TESTIMONY ___ EPISODE ___ ELECTRONIC ___ GRAPHIC ___ JOURNALISM ___ BROADCAST ___ COMMODITY ___ SYNDICATE S M S I L A N R U O J C E B R O A D C A S T S O L A R G R A P H I C Y M E M A O N L I N E B N M C O W A C J R X O F D O T P E E W H T N J D I D R B R R Q F U F K G C I O V G T Z S K R L C A T N I N V E S T M E N T Y I X H D E D O S I P E U C T E S T I M O N Y Q Y SYNONYMS Some words from the hidden words puzzle are synonyms of the boldface words below.

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