Virtual Reality Specialist by Kelly Milner Halls

By Kelly Milner Halls

Describes the necessities, schooling, and tasks linked to turning into a digital truth expert comprises profiles of famous pioneers within the

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Read this book to find out more about these experts and the exciting virtual worlds they create. VIRTUAL REALITY 21st Century Content You study reading, math, science, and social studies. You also need to learn about the world of work and your community. These notes tell you about business and money. They also give you ideas about how you can help yourself, your community, and the world. Life & Career Skills These notes tell you about skills you will use throughout your life. They give you ideas about how to work well with others, make good decisions, and achieve your goals in life.

21st Century skills library Cool sCienCe Careers Virtual reality SpecialiSt gloSSary artificiality (ar-tuh-fih-shee-A-luh-tee) a virtual reality application in which people can enter a made-up world autopsy (AW-top-see) an examination of a dead body to learn more about why or how the person died full body immersion (FULL BOD-ee i-MUR-zhuhn) a virtual reality experience in which a person wears a helmet, goggles, gloves, and a bodysuit to make it feel as if he or she is actually in another place immersion (i-MUR-zhuhn) the process of becoming completely involved in something, such as a virtual world innovators (IN-uh-vay-turz) people who come up with new or different ideas or inventions interaction (in-tur-ACK-shuhn) action between two or more people or things network communications (NET-wurk kuh-myoo-nuh-KAYshunz) using technology to link computers together to allow users to communicate with one another sedentary (SED-uhn-tair-ee) not physically active simulation (sim-yuh-LAY-shuhn) an imitation of real-life activity virtual (VUR-choo-uhl) created or extended by computer software for more information BOOKS Grady, Sean M.

Detroit: Lucent, 2005. com/ Pictures of the VirtuSphere and more information about its uses 21st Century skills library Cool sCienCe Careers Virtual reality SpecialiSt index artificiality, 12 character traits, 18, 20 computer mice, 5, 29 education, 12, 13, 16, 19, 20, 22 Engelbart, Douglas, 5, 29 Fakespace system, 19 flight simulators, 9 full body immersion, 15 goggles, 5, 13–14, 25 head mounted displays (HMDs), 13–14 Heilig, Morton, 8, 29 Heim, Michael, 11 imagination, 14, 19, 22, 28 immersion, 12, 13–14, 15, 19 interaction, 5, 13, 28, 29 internships, 22 Krueger, Myron, 29 language training, 12 Lanier, Jaron, 29 light pens, 6 mathematics, 10, 11, 22 mental health, 27 movies, 9 network communications, 16 Palladin, Alexey, 26 Realtown, 12 Rheingold, Howard, 29 salaries, 20 Sensorama, 8, 29 simulations, 5, 11, 12, 20, 27 Sketchpad program, 6, 29 Stanford Research Institute, 5 Sutherland, Ivan, 6, 29 Telepresence, 14–15 training, 12, 14, 16, 19, 20, 27 video games, 9, 11, 20–21, 22, 25, 26 View-Master stereoscope, 6 Virtual Iraq, 27 VirtuSphere, 25–27 Wii game system, 25 about the author Kelly Milner Halls is the author of 25 books, including innovative nonfiction about dinosaurs, mummies, albino animals, horses, dogs, zoos, and cryptozoology.

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