The Quaternary of Israel by Aharon Horowitz

By Aharon Horowitz

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The Quaternary of Israel

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Phoenicea. More restricted to the eastern Mediterranean are trees like Cedrus lihani, Quercus calliprinos, Q. infectona, Q. ithaburensis, Q. aegilops, Q. libani, Arbutus andrachne, Pistacia palaestina, Abies cüicica, Cupressus sempervirens, Crataegus azarolus, Cercis siliquasirum, Styrax officinalis, and so on, some of which are winter deciduous. Two other vegetational formations are typical and widespread within the Mediterranean environments, the batha and the garigue. 47) covers large areas that have been deforested or marginal areas in which the climate can no longer maintain the maquis.

Further south, at the area of Palmahim, cores have been collected under 500 m of sea water, and their foraminiferal content has been analyzed (Reiss et al. 1971). By comparing the paleoecology of fossils with the paleoclimates, the cores could be dated, and a rate of deposition of 1000-1200 years/meter ensues. Lacustrine sediments are presently laid down in three subbasins of the Jordan-Arava Rift Valley, the Hula, Lake Kinneret, and the Dead Sea. 66. The coastal plain marshes, connected with the floodplain of Nahal Alexander.

Negev. 62. The northwestern Negev, an area of presents loess deposition. Wind-deflated surface (hammada) of the southern 3 6 / 2 PRESENT-DAY CONFIGURATION north mixes with the locally formed weathering products, somewhat increasing their silty and clayey fraction. This dust is apparently the source of clay minerals for the coastal plain and other soils (Yaalon and Dan 1967). The share of aeolian dust in the sediments decreases north­ ward, and at the Galilee it is hardly noticeable. The prevailing western winds in Israel also carry some dust from the sea inland, in the form of minute halite crystals.

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