The Gimlet Eye (Quentaris: Quest of the Lost City) by James Roy

By James Roy

A lot has replaced within the sky-city of Quentaris. With the Archon useless, darkish forces have come into play. New faces are showing, typical ones vanishing, and the horrid Florian has claimed the throne. Then, as Quentaris slips quietly via a vortex into the watery global of the Yarka, Tab Vidler and her acquaintances all of sudden discover they're the city's in basic terms wish. Plots, intrigue, magic, secret, excessive event and extra - every thing that you've got come to count on from the Quentaris sequence!

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No, he was too preoccupied with his precious play. He‟d only be dismissive and selfish. Philmon? Maybe, but most of the time he simply tagged along and did what was needed, but rarely came up with any good ideas of his own. Unless heights were involved, or knots, it wasn‟t the right time to ask him for help. Besides, he hated being woken up in the middle of the night. He‟d stay grumpy about it for hours, maybe even days. Amelia. It had to be Amelia. She was once a magician as well. Two former magicians teamed up – even very young ones – had to be better than one former magician teamed up with a sky-sailor, a missing former pirate, or a self-obsessed actor.

He wouldn‟t say. ‟ „I think so. But no one was to know that Janus had made the changes. That‟s why he sent Rendana after me. The new parts are going to be a birthday surprise or something. ‟ „I don‟t understand,‟ Tab said. ‟ Fontagu shrugged. He seemed so dejected. „I don‟t suppose it matters now anyway. ‟ „No, I suppose not,‟ replied Tab, who was now deep in thought. ‟ *** Amelia yawned. „I don‟t understand why it‟s so important,‟ she said. Tab frowned. Perhaps a crowded tavern wasn‟t the best place to be discussing the big secrets of Quentaris.

Even though many joked that a piece of timber that size was the only thing that could have landed in that part of the city without fear of being stolen, the truth was that a couple of dozen people had been crushed to death. It was almost as if it was a reminder that vortexes weren‟t a trivial matter. What was certain was that they were now a regular part of life in Quentaris. But this one had been relatively gentle, little more than a rumble coming through Tab‟s mattress, a couple of minutes of darkness, one or two bricks falling from a wall somewhere nearby, and a sudden pallid brightness which made Tab think of watered-down lightning.

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