The Fabric of Affect in the Psychoanalytic Discourse (New by Andre Green

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But, although it is true that, on this point, Freud is less explicit and more obscure, one cannot but think that, in a Kleinian theoretical context, this hostile object is a precursor of the bad object. Furthermore, it should be noted that in the following paragraph the state of wish (hallucinated cathexis of the object of satisfaction) involves a rise, on demand, of Q in the psychical system. This rise in quantity does not contradict the hypothesis of the neuronal apparatus insofar as it has the aim of bringing (by similacrum, it is true) a reduction of tension.

D—Theory of the repression of affects Repression would seem, therefore, to be the special destiny of the affect in the unconscious. Freud defends the idea that the triggering off of the affect is a process directed towards the inside of the body. As such, it is to the body what motor discharges are to the outside world. Since these motor discharges have been suppressed in the course of sleep, a similar paralysis would appear to affect discharges towards the inside of the body, and the affective impulses that would be produced in the course of the dream would themselves be weak.

Similarly, language cannot be shifted to the side of the representations, for it is itself a form of abreaction, equivalent to the act. Moebius, Breuer believes that the hypnoid state is an auto-hypnoid state, self-induced, under the influence of daydreams and the appearance of an affect. A certain void of the consciousness occurs during which a representation appears without any resistance. This hypnoid state cuts off a group of representations, which soon link up with other groups 6 A conception that Freud defended well before the ‘Project’.

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