The African Unconscious: Roots of Ancient Mysticism and by Edward Bruce Bynum

By Edward Bruce Bynum

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In this book we will gather the scattered bits of data emerging from our vast interconnectedness as a species. Indeed, we are all implicated in each other historically, anthropologically, embryologically, and, yes, genetically in the very fabric and structure of our shared DNA. Page 6 At some unknown point, speech itself arose among our lineage and further separated us from the other higher primates and perhaps hominids. Chimpanzees do not talk, and no doubt there is a complex feedback among speech, syntax, and neural processes that reached an evolutionary flashpoint in the explosion of language.

COUNSELING AND DEVELOPMENT SERIES ALLEN IVEY, Editor THE AFRICAN UNCONSCIOUS Roots of Ancient Mysticism and Modern Psychology Edward Bruce Bynum GILI'S BOOK A Journey into Bereavement for Parents and Counselors Henya Kagan (Klein) CONSTRUCTIVIST THINKING IN COUNSELING PRACTICE, RESEARCH, AND TRAINING Thomas L. Sexton & Barbara L. Griffin, Editors RESEARCH AS PRAXIS Lessons from Programmatic Research in Therapeutic Psychology Lisa Tsoi Hoshmand & Jack Martin, Editors THE CONSTRUCTION AND UNDERSTANDING OF PSYCHOTHERAPEUTIC CHANGE Conversations, Memories, and Theories Jack Martin The African Unconscious Roots of Ancient Mysticism and Modern Psychology Edward Bruce Bynum Foreword by Linda James Myers Teachers College, Columbia University New York and London Published by Teachers College Press, 1234 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10027 Copyright © 1999 by Teachers College, Columbia University All rights reserved.

The Hominid Family Tree: A Probable Lineage 4 Figure 2. Hominid Dispersion from East Africa to the World 9 Figure 3. Paleolithic Age 12 Figure 4. Transpacific Ocean Currents 17 Figure 5. Ancient Nubia 22 Figure 6. Pharaoh Zoser of the Third Dynasty 24 Figure 7. Man Hunting Geese and Ducks 24 Figure 8. Shawabtis Figures of Pharaoh Taharka 25 Figure 9. Pharaoh Taharka 26 Figure 10. Sandstone Statue of a Queen Between Two Goddesses 27 Figure 11. King Aspelta 28 Figure 12. King Senkamenisken, Napatan Period 29 Figure 13.

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