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Write the spelling word that is spelled with two consonant letters that are alike. _____________________________ 5. Write the spelling word that rhymes with to. ___________________________ Spelling Steps 1 • Saddleback Publishing, Inc. com U N I T 35 NAME DATE LESSON • 7 6. Write the spelling word that rhymes with or. ___________________________ 7. Draw a box around the hidden spelling word in each group of letters. Do not look for the word a. U N I T ▼ a. b i w e r e n e. y o u c m r z b. l a t h e d r f.

Com 61 NAME DATE LESSON • 3 Variant Sounds of s ➤ Read the words in the spelling box. Say each word out loud. seen gas sad sale save seed miss send safe is as his use has nose U N I T ▼ 5 1. All the spelling words have the letter s. Say the words seen and gas. The letter s spells what sound in seen and gas? ______________ 2. Say has and nose. What is the last sound you hear in has and nose? _____________________________________ 3. In has and nose, the letter s spells what sound? _______________________ 4.

Look at the three words in each row below. Notice that they look a lot alike. Circle the word in each row that is in the spelling box. a. was saw sew b. this then the c. for four fore d. age are era e. were ware war HOW DID YOU DO? 1. CHECK: Check your answers in this lesson. 2. STUDY: Use your SPELLING STEPS CHECKLIST to study the spelling words in this lesson. When you think you know how to spell all the words, have someone call them out for you. Write the words on notebook paper. Check them against the words in the spelling box.

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