School Neuropsychology: A Practitioner's Handbook by James B. Hale, Catherine A. Fiorello

By James B. Hale, Catherine A. Fiorello

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First, it does not explore the complexity of language processes as well as some other cognitive measures do, and teasing out crystallized knowledge from language functioning is difficult. The assessment of memory is a good idea, but the DAS memory-related subtests are not sufficient for a comprehensive memory assessment. The Recall of Designs subtest is a measure of spatial skills, but interpretation is influenced by both visual memory and praxis components. Finally, the DAS does not appear to have an adequate measure of executive function, but the Nonverbal Reasoning subtests are certainly affected by executive skills.

A label can tie together disparate problems, making them more understandable and manageable for all involved in the child’s care. Is a child’s attention problem due to ADHD, depression, learning disability, or a host of other possibilities?

3. Jordan’s Slow and Sloppy Work Imagine that you have a student, Jordan, who was referred for testing because he was slow to complete his written work. You found that his work samples showed messy writing, with some evidence of poor spacing and coordination. His WISC-IV results revealed poor Processing Speed performance and some difficulty with Working Memory. There are several hypotheses you would be likely to consider. Besides slow processing speed, which might also reflect attentional or affective problems, you might consider deficits in visual tracking, perception, visual–motor integration, fine motor coordination, graphomotor abilities, or executive function.

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