Pun and Games. Jokes, Riddles, Daffynitions, Tairy Fales, by Richard Lederer

By Richard Lederer

Introduces the wacky global of wordplay with puns, spoonerisms, video games of observe substitution, and extra.

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The moral of the tale is: People who live in grass houses shouldn’t stow thrones. A second popular type of spoonerizing is the reversal of syllables: A good masseur leaves no stern untoned. A man who hated seabirds left no tern unstoned. A baker invented a special multibladed cutting instrument and called it a four-loaf cleaver. I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. A fisherman carelessly dropped his wallet into the water and was amazed to see a school of carp deftly balancing the wallet on their noses ands tossing it from one fish to the other.

Roll? 12. a lamb dance? flop? laugh? 13. a peppermint lift? 14. a picket park? 15. a roast plant? roll? shampoo? 16. a salad ring? rush? whip? 17. a snow shovel? 18. a square sink? 19. a toy snap? 20. a wedding stick? twist? Have you ever seen a square dance? Your Turn Make up your own two-headed headlines or your own riddles that use a shifted part of speech. ” The answers should each play with a shifted part of speech. ” 1. park? 2. dance? flop? laugh? 3. ring? rush? whip? 4. fish? nap? nip? 5.

A dual duel 17. genes’ jeans 18. a cellar seller 19. a whole hole 20. sails sales 21. a sweet suite 22. a thrown throne 23. a whirled world 24. an isle aisle 25. a vain vein 26. a minor miner 27. a bizarre bazaar 28. stationary stationery 29. a bored board 30. a boarder border 4 Double Plays Romance on the ocean: gull meets buoy. In what direction does a sneeze travel? Achoo! What’s the difference between the Prince of Wales, an ape, and a bald-headed man? The Prince of Wales is the heir apparent.

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