Physical Reality and Mathematical Description by André Mercier (auth.), Charles P. Enz, Jagdish Mehra (eds.)

By André Mercier (auth.), Charles P. Enz, Jagdish Mehra (eds.)

This selection of essays is meant as a tribute to Josef Maria Jauch on his 60th birthd~. via his medical paintings Jauch has justly earned an venerated identify in the neighborhood of theo­ retical physicists. via his instructing and a protracted line of dis­ tinguished collaborators he has positioned an imprint on glossy mathema­ tical physics. a couple of Jauch's medical collaborators, buddies and admirers have contributed to this assortment, and those essays replicate to a point Jauch's personal large pursuits within the gigantic do­ major of theoretical physics. Josef Maria Jauch used to be born on 20 September 1914, the son of Josef Alois and Emma (nee Conti) Jauch, in Lucerne, Switzerland. Love of technological know-how was once aroused in him early in his formative years. on the age of twelve he came across a favored e-book on astronomy, and an examination­ ple handled during this ebook mystified him. It used to be acknowledged that if a planet travels round a centre of Newtonian appeal with a pe­ riod T, and if that planet have been stopped and left to fall into the centre from any element of the round orbit, it will arrive on the centre within the time T/I32. younger Josef questioned approximately this for a number of months until eventually he made his first medical discovery : that this outcome should be derived from Kepler's 3rd legislation in a fairly simple way.

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The final honing and furnishing of this architecture of thought by Josiah Willard Gibbs and Hendrik Antoon Lorentz established the final edifice of "classical" physical science. Newton and Maxwell were the representative oracles of this worldview, the dominant notions in which were "particle", "field" and "deterministic causality". Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) had already, in his Critique of Pure Reason (1781), established the classical notions of absolute space and time as the abstract a priori of space·, time and causality which man must have in order to interpret experience and phenomena in the external world.

The generic name for a system is then that of a mechanism (P. Hertz). So physics proper deals with mechanisms, and all matter in the world appears to be made of mechanisms of a few different types according to the interaction reigning. e. in the hierarchy of natural systems with such as cannot escape the second principle of thermodynamics. g. planetary motion free from tides in the planets and sun); as such, it is not a machine. A machine must necessarily consist of one or more mechanisms. Statistical mechanics does not reduce thermodynamics to meChanics, since it assumes a non-mechanical, viz.

Les fleuves cherchent la pente des vallees, ou enlever et deposer a nouveau la terre. Aussi peut-on dire de bien des fleuves que l'element tout entier les a traverses, et qu'ils ont rendu plusieurs fois la mer a la mer; aucune partie de la terre n'est si elevee que la mer n'ait atteint sa base, aucun fond marin n'est si bas que les hautes montagnes n'y aient leur fondation. Elle est tantot acre et forte, tantot acide et amere, tantot douce, tantot epaisse ou legere, tantot dangereuse et malsaine, tantot salubre, tantot empoisonnee.

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