Linux Complete Command Reference by John Purcell

By John Purcell

You may get this e-book at no cost in the event you typed man+"command" in Linux window.

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The default is +. ) The default value is 500 . The name of the file in which command history is saved. bash_history. If unset, the command history is not saved when an interactive shell exits. The maximum number of lines contained in the history file. When this variable is assigned a value, the history file is truncated, if necessary, to contain no more than that number of lines. The default value is 500. If set to the value 1, bash displays error messages generated by the getopts built-in command.

The value of ENV is subjected to parameter expansion, command substitution, and arithmetic expansion before being interpreted as a pathname. PATH is not used to search for the resultant pathname. If this parameter is set to a filename and the MAILPATH variable is not set, bash informs the user of the arrival of mail in the specified file. Specifies how often (in seconds) bash checks for mail. The default is 60 seconds. When it is time to check for mail, the shell does so before prompting. If this variable is unset, the shell disables mail checking.

Input lines that are fewer than width characters are automatically padded with spaces. 0. This can be used to adjust the brightness of the graymap; for example, if the image is too dim, reduce the divisor. In keeping with (I believe) FORTRAN line-printer conventions, input lines beginning with a + (plus) character are assumed to overstrike the previous line, allowing a larger range of gray values. ” BUGS The table of ASCII-to-gray values is subject to interpretation, and, of course, depends on the typeface intended for the input.

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