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26 NINJA KNIFE THROWING Horizontally Thrown Knife viewed from the side A. STRAIGHT THROW (SHORT DISTANCES) 27 NINJA KNIFE THROWING Estimating Distances A knife thrower must be able to judge distances with a good degree of precision in order to throw accurately. Such ability can only be gained from long hours of practice. Begin with established distances which are marked off. ) Once a Ninja learns to hit a target from any distance from five to thirty feet, he or she should practice to be able to hit the target at any range in between.

For added realism, mix a little red food coloring in with the Vaseline. Practicing Ninja may wish to carry a small pot of this practice blood with them to dip their knives into. The thrower will concentrate on hitting the target accurately. The opponent will concentrate on dodging or reaching the thrower without getting hit. Try to make the training as realistic as possible, and be honest. Practice safely. The possibilities for such training are endless, limited only by the imagination of the Ninja participating in it.

Only through actual practice and experience can useful knowledge be gained. Many beginning practitioners complain of losing some of their knives, especially their practice knives for live target training, due to bad throws, rebounds, and misses which become difficult to find. To at least partially eliminate this difficulty, a number of steps can be taken. One solution is to spray paint the knives with a bright color. Another solution is to tie a bright colored length of cord or wool to the knife.

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