Just a Little Later with Eevo & Sim by Henry Shykoff, Marilyn Mets, Peter Ledwon

By Henry Shykoff, Marilyn Mets, Peter Ledwon

A bit of Later With Eevo and Sim is the continuation of as soon as Upon a Time lengthy, some time past, the adventures of Eevo and Sim. the tale is decided approximately 50,000 years in the past throughout prehistoric guy. Their mom and dad, Shim and Dedu, have simply again from their lengthy journey to the Wetlands extended family, the previous domestic of Shim. They observe that, jointly, Eevo and Sim had conquer many hazards, chanced on hearth, rescued wolf cubs and stored their domestic from hunger. Now Sim and Eevo are off on a protracted, harmful trip again to the Wetlands extended family, observed by means of the wolves. stuck in a fierce sandstorm, they're separated from Shim and Dedu. once more, this sister and brother tackle many demanding situations, make new discoveries, or even come upon the good One: the much-feared crocodile of the nice River. "Once Upon a Time lengthy, in the past was once an exceptionally renowned ebook in my tuition library. the ongoing story, a little Later With Eevo and Sim, proves to be an both interesting tale. scholars from grades three to eight may be enthralled via the adventures those siblings come across. From designing water baggage made up of an elk's abdominal to understanding how to catch a big crocodile; from instructing the key of fireside making to making plans how one can hunt wild horses, Sim and Eevo end up how important they're to the extended family. either young ones make terrific position types for all younger people." - Lorna Embrey, Teacher-Librarian

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He suggested that everyone interested should look at Eevo's fire-making wood, then go out and find their own fire-starting tools. This would help them if they were away from the caves and needed to make a fire. He also asked all hunters to spread the word to other hunters from other clans. Tell them that a young woman, chosen by the Sun to teach people the secret of fire making, was here. All who wanted to learn were welcome at the caves of the Wetlands Clan. Turning to Eevo, he said that she would be busy for as long as she wanted, spreading the Sun's message to all people.

He found one about the size of a human head. Sim had never imagined using a flint stone as large as that. But he noticed Seer was having difficulty finding things in the dark corners of his cave. Sim was concerned. How could he bring some light inside? "This is exactly what we want," said Seer, noting Sim's look of astonishment at the size of the flint. "Small pieces are far harder to work with. This will break to give us good flakes. " Taking a piece of leather and folding it into a pad to protect his thigh, Seer placed the flint against the pad.

Then, using the wedge again, he split off another flat piece, and another. These needed only a little trimming to be ready for use. It was all so simple that Sim was a bit ashamed that he had not thought of it himself. Later that day, Dedu came in to the Flint Works Cave. He wanted three axes and five spears. A hunt was to be organized. The clan hunters wanted to try to get some of the horses often found coming to the river to drink. Dedu would go with them. Later one of the clan hunters arrived.

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