Islam and the Modern Man by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

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Paying attention to the body alone, while abandoning the soul, does not produce an integrated personality. The consciousness of this lack keeps the individual constantly dissatisfied, with the feeling that he has failed to find something that he really wanted. It is this feeling of deprivation which in most cases is the cause of social evils. All tyranny and injustice in society are traceable to this discontent of some being vented on others. People continue to exploit ~ 37 ~ Islam and the Modern Man Social Problems others in order to satisfy their unfulfilled wishes.

Man wants others to suffer on his behalf. If the ills of society are to be remedied, an end should be put to this contradiction. That is, human society should be made to follow the same universal system that is strictly adhered to by the universe. The day this happens, all the problems of human life will be solved. When the observance of God’s law has solved the problems of the universe, why should the observance of that same law by man not succeed in solving human problems? ~ 35 ~ Islam and the Modern Man Social Problems SOCIAL PROBLEMS What is society?

A new element in his mental make up is the feeling of responsibility. This feeling is always produced when he is aware of a power above him, which can take him to task. Over and above God, there is no such superior power as will induce a sense of accountability on man, forcing him to abide by the truth. Belief in Almighty God produces an awareness in man that he is answerable to Him, which in turn makes him extremely cautious in his words and deeds. The possession of the new awareness is like having a guardian angel, which organizes his whole life.

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