Girl Bewitched by Marjorie Lewty

By Marjorie Lewty

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317, destination Mexico City, please--------- ' Joe stood up and tucked his shabby briefcase firmly under his arm. ' He bent to kiss her. 'Take care, my dear, I'll be thinking of you. Wish Lisa all the best for me on Wednesday--and Richard too. ' Emma nodded. ' But Lisa wouldn't. She'd never even notice that Joe wasn't there. Her lovely young cousin could never understand or share Emma's devotion to Joe Kent, who had worked so loyally for the family firm most of his life. To Lisa, in her dreamy, romantic youthfulness, anyone over the age of forty was already in their dotage.

But it's the answer, I'm sure of that. ' He clipped the silver pencil into the pocket of his jacket and patted it. She had never seen him look so confident and pleased with himself. 'It's all settled,' he said. 'I would have liked to bring you in on the decisions, my dear, but it wasn't possible when you were at the other side of the world, and I had to act rather quickly. The bank was getting extremely nasty. ' He was watching her face closely through his gold- rimmed glasses and his eyes were kind and understanding.

It was like a close-up in a film. Everything and everyone in the room went out of focus and she only saw the two of them--Lisa's pale face flushing painfully as her eyes went up to meet the dark, sultry ones of the man standing before her. He spoke, and Lisa smiled brilliantly. Then the man bent to kiss Lisa's cheek and turned to shake Richard's hand. A few words and he had passed on to Mrs Southall and Uncle Edward, while Lisa and Richard were greeting the next guests. Emma replaced the hyacinth and let out a long breath of relief.

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