Fluorinated Ionomers by Walther Grot

By Walther Grot

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Front Matter

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Plastics layout Library

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PDL Fluorocarbon sequence Editor’s Preface

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1 - Introduction

, Pages 1-3
2 - History

, Pages 5-10
3 - Manufacture

, Pages 11-48
4 - Properties

, Pages 49-79
5 - Applications

, Pages 81-156
6 - gasoline Cells and Batteries

, Pages 157-184
7 - advertisement Membrane Types

, Pages 185-199
8 - financial Aspects

, Pages 201-209
9 - Experimental Methods

, Pages 211-233
10 - warmth Sealing and Repair

, Pages 235-237
11 - dealing with, garage, and Installation

, Pages 239-242
12 - Toxicology, protection, and Disposal

, Pages 243-246
Appendix A - A Chromic Acid Regeneration System

, Pages 247-248
Appendix B - Laboratory Chlor-alkali Cell

, Page 249
Appendix C - answer forged Nafion Film

, Pages 251-257
Appendix D - Plastic-Based Bipolar Plates

, Pages 259-262
DuPont™ Nafion® membranes: Membranes for gasoline Cells

, Pages 263-269
DuPont™ Nafion® PFSA Membranes N-112, NE-1135, N-115, N-117, NE-1110: perfluorosulfonic acid polymer

, Pages 271-276
Suppliers and Resources

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Glossary and internet Sites

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While industrial skiving uses a cylindrical billet on a lathe, for laboratory purposes it is easier to mold a flat billet of about 5 mm thickness onto the roughened surface of a metal block. The skiving is then done on a shaper, which is a machine tool capable of performing reciprocating horizontal strokes over the surface of the work piece. Skiving is faster and results in better thickness uniformity than using hot pressing. The fabric reinforcement is woven from pTFE fibers or yarn to match the excellent chemical resistance of perfluorinated ionomers.

They are readily melt-fabricable. When marked with a felt point pen, the ink beads up; this shows an easy distinction from the ionic forms. Fluorinated Ionomers. 10004-4 © 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. 49 50 Fluorinated Ionomers 30 . RT. 1 Stress and strain curves for Nafion precursor polymer [1]. 2 Elongation at break and tensile strength of Nafion precursor film [1]. Extruded films of the Nafion precursor polymer are soft and pliable, and tend to stick to themselves; this is particularly true at low EW.

Kunz, J. Fenton, J. Membr. Sci. 266 (1–2) (2005) 110–114. [57] S. Grot, W. Grot, US patent application 20050211630, assigned to IonPower, Sept. 29, 2005. 4 Properties Much of the early literature describes the properties of Nafion®. More recently, reliable information about the new Aquivion, formerly HyflonIon®, polymer has become widely available [5,9]. The Aquivion polymer is based on the same monomer as the experimental Dow polymer, which has since been discontinued. The comparison of ionomers of different side chain length is somewhat difficult.

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