Fatigue Failure and Fracture Mechanics by Edited by Dariusz Skibicki

By Edited by Dariusz Skibicki

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4) In order to model a hysteresis loop we use the formula (1), in which we move from the amplitudes of stress and strain ranges. Equation takes the form 1 ∆σ  ∆σ  n ' ∆ε = + 2  E  2K '  . (5) Strain amplitude dependence of the number of cycles to damage is given by the Manson-CoffinBasquin as ε ac = σ 'f E ( 2N f ) b + ε ' f (2 N f )c , (6) where: σ’f – coefficient of fatigue strength under tension-compression, b – fatigue strength exponent, ε’f – coefficient of the fatigue plastic strain, c – exponent of fatigue plastic strain, Nf – number of cycles to failure.

Dariusz Skibicki a) b) c) σ/Ε 0 0,1 σ/Ε 0 0,1 σ/Ε 0 0,1 d) σ /Ε 0 0,1 41 0,01 0,01 0,01 0,01 0,001 0,001 10 100000 0,001 10 N cycle 100000 0,001 10 100000 100000 N cycle N cycle N cycle 10 Fig. 1. The results of the calculations of the S-N curve: extreme (represented by thin lines), mean (thick line) and their intervals of confidence for human trabecular bone samples (dashed line), assuming a-c) the constant value of the coefficient of the y-intercept and d) the constant value of the slope b The fatigue curve calculation results for all the conditions assumed are given in Table 1.

Pl Keywords: cyclic material properties, fatigue, microspecimen, fatigue testing system Abstract. In the paper there are discussed possibilities of performing static and cyclic investigations of a material properties with the use of small size specimens. An original research system developed at the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz has been used for static and fatigue testing. Thanks to tests performed on microspecimens it is possible, among others, determining the local properties of material in objects with the material discontinuities.

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