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Romeo and Juliet, re-imagined. even supposing Icarus and Aria, like its forerunner, is written in verse, it really is firmly positioned within the current. Icarus Alzaro is a rookie soccer megastar simply signed to a excessive profile agreement with the Aztechs of Phoenix, Arizona. Jimmy Jones, the landlord of the Aztechs, has a sullen teenage daughter named Aria.

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Time this just ride, and you'll begin the race with a nice big boost. Mario Strikers: Charged Football Unlocks By performing certain actions throughout Mario's Wii football adventure, you can unlock a wealth of bonuses. Unlock Bowser Jr Let's start with the additional Captains. First of all, you can unlock Bowser Jr. by successfully winning the Fire Cup in Road to the Striker Cup mode. Unlock Diddy Kong In order to unlock Diddy Kong, you have to win the Crystal Cup in the Road to the Striker Cup mode.

Hidden Developer Pictures When you first locate a group of Geishas on a mission that Reiko sends you on, there will be some lockers located nearby them. Approach the locker with the darkest colour door, and then open this up, followed by the others. Within these lockers, you'll now find pictures of the development team decked out in blonde wigs! How very odd indeed! Red Steel 2 Unlock Weapons Passwords To enter the codes, go to the Main Menu, Extras, Preorder and then enter the codes listed below to unlock the weapon: Barracuda 3582880 Nihonto Hana Sword 58855558 Sora Katana of the Katakara Clan 360152 Tataro Magnum 357370402 The Lost Blade of the Kusagari Clan 360378 Rock Band Unlock All Songs Code To activate the cheat, press the following buttons on the guitar controller while at the Press Start screen for the game: Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue Following the correct entry of this code, you should find that all of the previously locked songs will now be available for you to play, but at the same time, your ability to save the game will no longer be there.

Unlock Galactic Stadium You can unlock the Galactic Stadium by earning both the Brick Wall and Golden Foot trophies while playing in the Striker Cup. These two trophies are earning by conceding the least and scoring the most goals in the qualifying rounds of a competition respectively. Unlock Stormship Stadium The Stormship Stadium will be unlocked when you successfully win the Striker Cup. Unlock Dump Stadium To get the Dump Stadium, you have to win the Brick Wall and Golden Foot trophies in the Crystal Cup.

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