Essential System Administration: Commands and File Formats by Æleen Frisch

By Æleen Frisch

If you're a Unix approach administrator, then the knowledge you wish each day simply to get your activity performed might fill a book--a very huge e-book. yet, virtually talking, you don't are looking to cease and thumb via a weighty quantity every time a challenge arises. Your solution is the Essential procedure management Pocket Reference, the one method management reference that matches on your pocket. Concise and easy-to-use, this little booklet is the transportable spouse to the vintage Essential process Administration through AEleen Frisch.

The Essential approach management Pocket Reference is a brief connection with the entire primary and crucial projects required to run such divergent Unix platforms as Solaris, Linux, AIX, BSD, SuSe, purple Hat, and extra. novices and skilled directors alike will fast be ready to follow its rules and suggestion to unravel daily difficulties. The publication is split into 3 components: instructions, Syntax and Their purposes, Configuration records and codecs, and working process particular details. the knowledge during this e-book is a must have for any administrator or person of a Unix system.

O'Reilly's Pocket References became a favourite between expertise pros in all places. by way of delivering a wealth of vital information in a concise, well-organized structure, those convenient books carry simply what you want to whole the duty to hand. while you've reached a sticking aspect and wish to get to an answer quick, the hot Essential approach management Pocket Reference is the e-book you'll are looking to have.

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Pam_roles (account, auth, passwd, session) Autheticates role changes (see page 5). PAM | 47 Solaris and HP-UX dialup passwords /etc/dialups Contains a list of special files that correspond to serial lines on which to accept dialup sessions. /etc/d_passwd Per-shell dialup passwords. defs: PASS_MAX_DAYS days PASS_MIN_DAYS days PASS_WARN_AGE days PASS_MIN_LEN n Encode only this many password characters. PASS_MAX_LEN n Solaris: /etc/default/passwd: MAXWEEKS=weeks MINWEEKS=weeks WARNWEEKS=weeks PASSLENGTH=n Minimum password length.

I specifies the new run level (defaults to S). Message is a message sent to all logged-in users. allow configuration file This file specifies who can shut down the system. It contains entries of the form: host user which allows the specified user to shut down the indicated host. The plus sign (+) can be used as a wildcard. shutdown | 33 BSD-style shutdown command shutdown [options] when message BSD-style command. Shut down to single-user mode. When indicates when the shutdown should start. It has the three forms: +m (in m minutes), h:m (at this time, using a 24-hour clock), and now.

30 | Essential System Administration Pocket Reference 4, 7, 8, 9 Administrator-definable system states. HP-UX and Solaris do not support run levels 7 through 9. 5 Same as run level 3 but running a graphical login program on the system console (Linux default). 6 Shutdown and reboot state. Q and q Pseudo-state that tells init to reread its configuration file. a, b, c Pseudo–run levels that can be defined locally. When invoked, they cause init to run the commands in /etc/ inittab without changing the current (numeric) run level.

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