Essay on the Origins of the Technical Language of Islamic by Louis Massignon

By Louis Massignon

This English variation of Massignon's philological paintings at the origins of the technical language of Islamic mysticism accommodates the corrections from 1954 variation and up-to-date references. It concentrates at the improvement of the phrases utilized by 10th-century mystic and poet al-Hallaj.

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His fame in medieval Europe stems from his work on judicial astronomy. Albubather (A. Ibn al-Khasib*, Abu Bakr): astrologer of Persian origin; ixth c. His fame rests on an extract from a sort of astrological encyclopaedia. Albumasar (A. Abu Mashar* al-Balkhi*): Arab astrologer from Balkh; ca. 790886. He wrote several works on astrology, some of which were translated into Latin with such titles as Introductorium in astronomiam Albumasaris Abalachii, De magnis coniunctionibus, and Flores astrologiae.

E. pre-Islamic poetry and prose and viist c. poetry; 2. viiith c. poetry and prose; 3. ixthxth c. poetry and prose; 4. xithxviiith c. literature; 5. modern Arabic literature a. to 1914; b. since 1914. Arabs, The (A. E. during the reign of the Assyrian king Salmanassar III as camel-breeders and traders. Their expansion at the beginning of Islam came about through enlistment in the armies that were sent to the Euphrates, to Trans-jordania, Southern Palestine, Iraq, Syria, al-Jazira, Iran, Egypt, North Africa and Spain.

Afridi: name of a large Pathan tribe on the northwest frontier of Pakistan. Their territory straddles the Khyber Pass. Afsharids: Oghuz dynasty which ruled in Persia from 17361795. It was founded by Nadir Shah Afshar. Afyon (Afyun Qara Hisar): town in western Turkey. Its name comes from the rich production of opium (A. afyun*) in the district. The town came into Turkish hands in 1209. Aga (T. Agha/Aqa*): title given in the Ottoman Empire, up to the Reform Period, to persons employed in a military post, and as such contrasted with Efendi.

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