Environmental Pollution and Control by J. Jeffrey Peirce, Ruth F. Weiner and P. Aarne Vesilind

By J. Jeffrey Peirce, Ruth F. Weiner and P. Aarne Vesilind (Auth.)

Content material:

, Pages xiii-xiv
Chapter 1 - toxins and Environmental Ethics

, Pages 1-14
Chapter 2 - Environmental probability Analysis

, Pages 15-30
Chapter three - Water Pollution

, Pages 31-55
Chapter four - size of Water Quality

, Pages 57-76
Chapter five - Water Supply

, Pages 77-90
Chapter 6 - Water Treatment

, Pages 91-98
Chapter 7 - number of Wastewater

, Pages 99-103
Chapter eight - Wastewater Treatment

, Pages 105-123
Chapter nine - Sludge therapy, usage, and Disposal

, Pages 125-135
Chapter 10 - Nonpoint resource Water Pollution

, Pages 137-143
Chapter eleven - Water pollutants legislation and Regulations

, Pages 145-156
Chapter 12 - reliable Waste

, Pages 157-165
Chapter thirteen - stable Waste Disposal

, Pages 167-176
Chapter 14 - Reuse, Recycling, and Recovery

, Pages 177-191
Chapter 15 - detrimental Waste

, Pages 193-210
Chapter sixteen - Radioactive Waste

, Pages 211-231
Chapter 17 - good, dangerous, and Radioactive Waste legislations and Regulations

, Pages 233-243
Chapter 18 - Air Pollution

, Pages 245-269
Chapter 19 - Meteorology and Air Pollution

, Pages 271-286
Chapter 20 - dimension of Air Quality

, Pages 287-295
Chapter 21 - pollution Control

, Pages 297-313
Chapter 22 - pollution legislations and Regulations

, Pages 315-325
Chapter 23 - Noise toxins and Control

, Pages 327-349
Chapter 24 - Environmental effect and monetary Assessment

, Pages 351-361
Appendix A - Conversion Factors

, Pages 363-365
Appendix B - parts and Atomic Weights

, Pages 366-368
Appendix C - actual Constants

, Page 369
Glossary and Abbreviations

, Pages 371-377

, Pages 379-392

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Eventually, straw to soak up the oil and detergents to disperse it helped remove the oil from the beaches, but the detergents were found to be the cleanup method more harmful to the coastal ecology. By far the most notorious recent incident has been the Exxon Valdez spill in Prince William Sound in Alaska. Oil in Alaska is produced in the Prudhoe Bay region in northern Alaska and piped down to the tanker terminal in Valdez on the southern coast. On 24 March 1989, the Exxon Valdez, a huge oil tanker loaded with crude oil, veered off course and hit a submerged reef, spilling about 11 million gallons of oil into Prince William Sound, devastating the fragile ecology.

Until recently, polluted drinking water was seen primarily as a threat to public health because of the transmission of bacterial waterborne disease. In less developed countries, and in almost any country in time of war, it still is. In the United States and other developed countries, however, water treatment and distribution methods have almost eradicated bacterial contamination. Most surface water pollution is harmful to aquatic organisms and causes possible public health problems (primarily from contact with the water).

85 LCF per 10 s persons. What risk is experienced by drinking water with an average EDB concentration of 5 pg/L for five years? The risk may be estimated using either unit annual risk or unit lifetime risk. 7) The answer is given to two significant figures because of the uncertainties in risk estimates. The estimated risk is that about three fatal cancers would be expected in a population of a billion people who drink water containing 5 pg/L EDB for five years. Although there is a popular tendency to translate this to an "individual risk" of "a chance of three in a billion having a fatal cancer," this statement of risk is less meaningful than the statement of population risk.

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