Encyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers by Jan W. Gooch

By Jan W. Gooch

This reference comprises greater than 7,500 polymeric fabric phrases, together with the names of chemical compounds, techniques, formulae, and analytical equipment which are used often within the polymer and engineering fields. In view of the evolving partnership among actual and existence sciences, this name contains an appendix of biochemical and microbiological phrases (thus providing formerly unpublished fabric, detailed from all competitors.) every one succinct access bargains a largely available definition in addition to cross-references to comparable phrases. the place acceptable to augment readability extra, the volume's definitions can also supply equations, chemical buildings, and different figures.

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OF abuter to come to an end, fr. a‐ þ but end] (15c) v. To adjoin at an end; to be contiguous. Abvolt n. The cgs electromagnetic unit of potential difference and electromotive force. It is the potential difference that must exist between two points in order that one erg of work be done when one abcoulomb of charge is moved from one point to the other. One abvolt is 10À8 V. Weast RC Handbook of chemistry and physics, 52nd edn. , Boca Roton, FL. Acacia gum \e‐|ka¯‐she |gem\ n. Water‐soluble gum obtained from trees of the acacia species, as an exudation from incisions in the bark.

This relationship is connected with the fact that the ratio 2Ke/Km must have the value of the square of the speed of light in any consistent system of units. 000003) Â 1010 cm/s. Weast RC Handbook of chemistry and physics, 52nd edn. , Boca Roton, FL. Abegg’s rule \|a¨‐|begz‐\ [Abegg, Richard Wilhelm Heinrich; Danish chemist, major work on chemical valence] (1869–1910) n. A Chemistry: For a given chemical element (as sulfur) the sum of the absolute value of its negative valence of maximum value (as À2 for sulfur in H2S) and its positive value (as þ6 in H2SO4) is often equal to 8.

They precipitate with calcium, barium, or titanium glycerol chlorides or other metallic salts, to give suitable insoluble pigment dyestuffs, or they may be precipitated on bases to form lakes. Kadolph SJ, Langford AL (2001) Textiles. Pearson Education, New York. Wells K, Beal S, Woodburn C, Durant J, Brandimane J (1997) Fabric dyeing. Interweave Press Incorporated. Loveland, Colorado. Vigo TL (1994) Textile processing, dyeing, finishing and performance. Elsevier Science, New York. See dyes. Acid fading n.

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