Encyclopaedia of the Qur'ān, vol 4 P - Sh by President Jane Dammen McAuliffe

By President Jane Dammen McAuliffe

The Qur'an is the first non secular textual content for one-sixth of the world's inhabitants. Understood via Muslims to comprise God's personal phrases, it's been an item of reverence and of extreme learn for hundreds of years. The hundreds of thousands of volumes that Muslim students have dedicated to qur'anic interpretation and to the linguistic, rhetorical and narrative research of the textual content are enough to create whole libraries of qur'anic stories. Drawing upon a wealthy scholarly history, Brill's Encyclopaedia of the Qur'an (EQ) combines alphabetically-arranged articles concerning the contents of the Qur'an. it truly is an encyclopaedic dictionary of qur'anic phrases, suggestions, personalities, position names, cultural background and exegesis prolonged with essays at the most vital issues and matters inside qur'anic experiences. With approximately one thousand entries in five volumes, the EQ is the 1st entire, multi-volume reference paintings at the Qur'an to seem in a Western language.

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G. irā Allāh, q 42:53; sabīl Allāh, passim; irā rabbika, “the way of your lord,” q 6:126). Additionally, one finds “the ways of your lord” (subul rabbika, q 16:69) and “the way of the mighty, the glorious one” ( irā al- azīzi l- amīdi, q 14:1; 34:6). It is also used with personal pronouns, as in “your way” ( irā aka, q 7:16; sabīlika, q 10:88; sabīlaka, q 40:7), “his way” (sabīlihi, q 6:117, 153; 14:30), or “my way” ( irā ī, q 6:153; sabīlī, q 12:108). There are several aspects of the notion introduced in the later Meccan sūras.

When ahl appears in a construction with a person it means his blood relatives (see family; kinship; people of the house), but with other nouns it acquires wider meanings, for instance, ahl madhhab are those who profess a certain doctrine or follow a particular school of law; ahl alislām are the Muslims (see law and the qur n; community and society in the qur n). v. ahl ) to those who memorize and practice the Qur ān. g. g. q 2:146; 42:14). g. q 6:91-2, 154-7; 35:25). ) on the part of God who chose certain people, or communities, to be the recipients and custodians of his word (see word of god; revelation and 36 inspiration).

Parties and Factions Divisions within groups. The Qur ān has a relatively rich and varied, but not precisely differentiated, vocabulary which refers to parties or factions within larger communities or groups (see community and society in the qur n). Although the words and phrases concerned are sometimes used in the Qur ān in an apparently neutral way, for example, with reference to groups among the believers themselves (see belief and unbelief), they are often employed there in a derogatory sense or in polemic against opponents.

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