Embedded System Design on a Shoestring: Achieving High by Lewin Edwards

By Lewin Edwards

My greatest challenge with this publication is among chapters and 3 which has an immense hole. one other bankruptcy can be inserted to ease into the technical jargon of bankruptcy 3 reminiscent of "What is an embedded system?" additionally a thesaurus of technical phrases and acronyms wouldn't be a nasty proposal. the writer does a superb task of explaining the company features of being an embedded engineer.

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3. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License (discussed in the next section of this book), which may have privacy implications for your own code. The reason I qualified the second point above is because offthe-shelf Linux can often be thought of as “realtime, for small values of realtime”. In other words, stock Linux may be quite realtime enough for your needs, especially if you are willing to massage the kernel a little. Developers who are accustomed to working with actual real-time operating systems will doubtless cringe at my cavalier treatment of this issue, but for many noncritical applications, simply using a fast enough processor and removing unnecessary background tasks will be sufficient to ensure that your application gets enough processor time to appear to be working in realtime.

There exist a few free, manufacturer-supplied proprietary compilers, but these vary widely in quality and are generally nonstandardized. Unless your chip or operating system vendor is going to supply you with a huge variety of free, useful intellectual property in the form of libraries that can only be linked with the proprietary compiler and for which you can’t obtain open-source equivalents, I strongly advise that you stay on the far better-traveled path of GNU tools. It’s hard to imagine any algorithm from cryptographic applications to video decoding for which GNU or other open-source intellectual property isn’t already available.

Due to differences in the executable loading behavior of DOS-based Windows variants (95, 98 and Me), build performance is significantly slower under these operating systems. Some extremely complicated projects, such as gcc, may not build correctly at all inside Windows 95/98/Me. There is another project with similar goals to Cygwin, called MinGW (Minimalist GNU for Windows). The main technical difference between MinGW and Cygwin is that MinGW executables are standalone; they use Windows system services directly, rather than going through an abstraction/emulation layer like Cygwin.

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