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Shade screen 22 feet Animal interaction in (see above) D Skyfa ri Entire Elephant Odyssey area (formerly Horn and Hoof Mesa) A n O Ca n yo e Glob Old ‘UTILITREES’ Seven artificial “trees,” the first of their kind, will lower food, such as ficus, at different times and places every day. The unpredictability is meant to keep the elephants moving and thinking. Ca t Old elephant yard: Entrance Pronghorn R San Diego Zoo Monkey Trails All animal outlines are in scale to each other. U New elephant yards: BALBOA PARK Pandas Dung beetles Turtles and non-venomous snakes B Polar Bear Plunge Elephant yard At the new Elephant Management Facility, visitors may watch zookeepers care for the elephants.

Place two fingers on your Adam’s apple (trachea). Slide fingers directly left or right into the groove formed by the trachea and the neck muscles. The pulse of the carotid artery should be found. This artery supplies blood to the head and neck, so it is important not to press on both the right and left artery at the same time. number of seconds number of heartbeats multiply by 6 = heartbeats/minute 10 seconds 2. Take your radial pulse for 15 seconds. Using two fingers, find the groove in the wrist directly below the wrist.

What else could you do to further reduce your carbon footprint? Step 7: Once your students have addressed their carbon footprint, challenge them to reduce their water use. 05 gallons. Write On! Correlates with English Language Arts Standards: Writing Applications and Writing Strategies Correlates with English Language Development Standards: Writing Applications and Writing Strategies at the San Diego Zoo’s Elephant Odyssey exhibit. Grade 7-12 objective: Students will learn to write a blog about an animal they learned about Introduction What is a blog?

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