Eight Habits of Highly Successful People by Jean Marie Stine

By Jean Marie Stine

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Bori, within the Mawri society of Niger, are mischievous and invisible beings that populate the bush. Bori is usually the perform of taming those wild forces within the context of ownership ceremonies. In Prayer Has Spoiled every thing Adeline Masquelier deals an account of the way this phenomenon intervenes—sometimes subtly, occasionally dramatically—in human lives, offering a continuously renewed resource of which means for Mawri peasants faced with cultural contradictions and socio-economic marginalization.

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Remember, since your fear is a negative belief, its opposite will be a positive belief, the exact antithesis of that fear. ") Answer the following question. What is the positive-opposite of my fear?. 2. Visualize the same situation, again in detail as it was just before the fear assailed you. Posture, expression, feelings, thoughts, surroundings. 3. Now, picture that when you begin thinking about asking for a raise, your mind instantly begins “broadcasting” your positive-opposite until it takes hold of your brain and body.

Taking Responsibility 6. Generating Enthusiasm 7. Bouncing Back from Setbacks 8. Crossing the Finish Line It doesn't matter whether you are dreaming of a retirement cabin in the mountains, winning the next marathon, getting a raise, getting a job, becoming a writer, earning a promotion, or saving a shaky business venture, without these practices you won't get far. Develop all eight, and nothing can hold you back from your goals. There is no substitute for cultivating these eight habits. Not charisma.

The technique is based on a well-established psychological finding. Namely that in any situation, long before we react consciously, the mind produces an image of how we should react—and we respond in accordance with that image. When it comes to things we are afraid of, the mind automatically produces pictures of us failing or fleeing; and when it comes to long ingrained responses (like eating sweets when we see them), it automatically produces an image of us responding that way. By altering that image (a slim you, turning away), we can alter how we react.

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