Earthly Bodies, Magical Selves: Contemporary Pagans and the by Sarah M. Pike

By Sarah M. Pike

This can be the 1st educational ethnography on magic that has truly been goal in it truly is portrayal of Paganism. In different phrases, the writer does not get stuck up in letting her studies overshadow the significance of truly describing and looking at the pagan tradition (unlike Magliocco and Greenwood).

Her evaluate of pagan tradition is reasonably balanced. She notes either the optimistic and negatives features of the tradition and does so in a favorable demeanour, keeping off any trace of cennsure or judgement. She's easily featuring the proof. Granted this does not imply there's not a few subjectivity on her half. evidently she selected the pagan group simply because there has been a spot in learn there and she or he desires to get tenure, yet regardless of that bias she does a reputable task of providing the pagan group and in particular the pageant setting.

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Starwood featured Jeff “Magnus” McBride’s magic show before the procession and lighting of the Saturday night bonfire. ) Pagan Spirit Gathering 1993 featured a talent show, and Rites of Spring 1997 included a Neopagan soap opera called “All My Avatars” and an indoor concert by percussionists Circle, Skin, and Bone. ”4 Dances can be 6 Earthly Bodies, Magical Selves planned, as was the Guiser’s Ball, a costumed dance at Rites of Spring 1997, or they can be impromptu. Major festival rituals usually take place on Friday and Saturday nights and are open to all festival goers.

This closing chant was an attempt to bridge festival events with the outside world. As the spiral of festival goers holding hands wound its way to the edge of the field and it was time to depart from the ritual grounds, each person stopped by the pile of dirt that was formed during the opening ritual by the handfuls of dirt that each festival participant was asked to bring from home. A hollow had been dug in the mound and within it were colorful stones for each person to carry home with them. After participants picked up their stones, they walked to the top of the hill and passed through the same gateway where they had been greeted when they first arrived.

Neopagan meals tend to include more vegetarian options than other American collective events, but the feasts I attended were diverse, offering hamburgers, gourmet vegetarian dishes, and ethnic food—Middle Eastern falafel or Indian curries. Unlike festivals that celebrate regional or ethnic identity, there is no pattern to the foods or any attempt to make them symbolic of group identity. Neopagan identity is primarily expressed at festivals through music and dance. Drums and percussion instruments are common at many workshops and chanting often occurs at the beginning and end of workshop sessions.

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