Earth Chemistry by Allan B. Cobb

By Allan B. Cobb

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The O-O bond of an o xygen molecule is broken by the energy from the UV light . Each O a tom reac ts with o xygen and forms o zone. In a similar w ay, o zone is destro yed b y UV light . In this c ase the formed O a tom reac ts with another o zone molec ule and f orms two oxygen molecules O 2. This process absorbes UV light and pre vents it from reaching the Ear th’ surface. Chemical Processes in the Atmosphere This “bad” ozone causes problems because it is highly reactive and damages plant and animal tissues.

T he a mount o f wa ter va por present i n t he a tmosphere is i mportant i n bo th c ausing w eather and r emoving a tmospheric pa rticles. T he a tmosphere is made up o f d ifferent g ases. S ometimes t hese d ifferent g ases r eact w ith one another. These reactions may have both positive and negative effects on the Earth. E THE ATMOSPHERE AND LIFE Earth is w ell suited to life as w e know it. The o ther planets in o ur solar syst em do no t ha ve t he s ame c haracteristics t o s upport lif e as do es E arth.

Depending on the type of combustible materials, the smoke may contain soot (made up of carbon particles), a variety of organic compounds, and even heavy metals. Smoke ma y co mbine wi th f og t o f orm smog, w hich is o ften seen as a b rownish or yellowish haze o ver cities. Smog forms as a result of photochemical reactions set in motion when compounds in t he smo ke r eact wi th wa ter dr oplets in f og in t he p resence o f sunlight. Smog is common in summer in the skies over larger cities. Smog may also cause health problems, such as respiratory distress.

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