Early Jewish Prayers in Greek : A Commentary by P.W. van der Horst, J.H. Newman

By P.W. van der Horst, J.H. Newman

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This is true for both the society at large and for the village where, when all is said and done, it is 'communitas', which lies beyond structure, which exercises the ultimate pull. "Group binding memory'' is sought rather than the bold imperatives of structure, which involve the dryness of duties and roles as well as the impieties implied in the pursuit of group as well as personal interests. In striving for 'communitas', efforts are made to downplay ethnic tensions and emphasize ameliorative tendencies on the part of both groupings-the core veteran group and the edot.

In addition the town council head or mayor made some pertinent remarks. Here too, in 1987, participation was overwhelmingly of the core group, Ashkenazi, and non-Orthodox. flict and Cammunitas evidence, I was given to understand that it was a sort of spontaneous boycott brought on by the sense that their culture was not represented and the Ashkenazi culture was not only dominant but exclusive. A sense of their Independence Day celebration rather than ours has festered among the edot over the years, gaining expression in the quasi-boycott only at this juncture.

A RELIGIOUS CRISIS IN YAVNEEL The religion of Yavneel reflects and imitates the religion of Israeli society in miniature: the same observation can profitably and correctly, if cautiously, be made concerning almost any smaller unit of a larger societal entity. Thus the religion of Middletown no doubt reflects to a large degree the religious oeuvre of American society, and that of Nancy the religion of France, and so on. What is notable in the present case is the extent of the fit with a highly variegated religious 'over structure', given the smallness of the community exemplar.

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