DNS on Windows Server 2003 by Cricket Liu

By Cricket Liu

This publication will get very indepth approximately DNS. it truly is dry and extremely technical making it a difficult and uninteresting learn. i do not suggest this booklet for the beginner. you actually must have a few basic wisdom concerning the topic sooner than paying for this book.

The factors through the e-book are tough to persist with and will be complicated. it can of been greater written with a simplified approach.

After interpreting this ebook I now detect how uninteresting DNS particularly is.

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If your internet is basically homogeneous and your hosts don't need DNS (say they don't run TCP/IP at all), you may be able to do without it. But if you've got a variety of hosts, especially if some of those run some variety of Unix, you'll want DNS. It'll simplify the distribution of host information and rid you of any kludgy host-table distribution schemes you may have cooked up. 3 If You Have Your Own Local Area Network or Site Network . . . and that network isn't connected to a larger network, you can probably get away without using DNS.

The DNS specs call this kind of resolver a stub resolver. Other implementations of DNS have had smarter resolvers that could do more sophisticated things, such as follow referrals to locate the name servers authoritative for a particular zone. 6 Resolution Name servers are adept at retrieving data from the domain namespace. They have to be, given the limited intelligence of most resolvers. Not only can they give you data about zones for which they're authoritative, they can also search through the domain namespace to find data for which they're not authoritative.

Edu's IP address). edu, our name server could skip querying the root name servers. edu name server, as shown in Figure 2-16. edu, the next time it received a query for the address, it could simply respond appropriately from its cache. Figure 2-16. edu In addition to speeding up resolution, caching obviates a name server's need to query the root name servers to answer any queries it can't answer locally. This means it's not as dependent on the roots, and the roots won't suffer as This document is created with the unregistered version of CHM2PDF Pilot [ Team LiB ] This document is created with the unregistered version of CHM2PDF Pilot [ Team LiB ] Chapter 3.

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