Digital Audio and Compact Disc Technology by LuC. Baert, LuC. Theunissen and Guido Vergult (Eds.)

By LuC. Baert, LuC. Theunissen and Guido Vergult (Eds.)

Meant to attract audio engineers, scholars and hi-fi fans, this publication covers components comparable to: the foundations of electronic sign processing; codes for electronic magnetic recording; compact disc encoding; and electronic audio recording structures

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Thus the number of approximations occurring in any conversion equals the number of bits in the digital output. 4 shows operation of the successive approximation A/D converter graphically. Main advantage of the successive-approximation converter is speed and this is limited by the settling time of the DAC. Accuracy is limited by the accuracy of the DAC, and a high susceptibility to noise is its major drawback. As only one comparator is used and ancillary hardware is limited to logic, register and D/A converter, the successive-approximation technique provides an inexpensive A/D converter.

In fast applications, acquisition time and settling time are also important. Acquisition time is the time needed after the transition from hold to sample Principles of Sampling 41 periods for the output voltage to match the input, within a certain error band. Settling time is the time needed after the transition from sample to hold periods to obtain a stable output voltage. Both times obviously define the maximum sampling rate of the unit. Aperture time is the time interval between beginning and end of the transition from sample to hold periods; also terms like aperture uncertainty and aperture jitter are used to indicate variations in the aperture time and consequently variations of the sample instant itself.

12 Showing output characteristic of an aperture control circuit, as functions of aperture time and frequency response Characteristics and Terminology of Sample-Hold Circuits In a sample-hold circuit, the accuracy of the output voltage depends on the quality of the buffer amplifiers, on the leakage current of the holding capacitor and of the sampling switch. Unavoidable leakage generally causes the output voltage to decrease slightly during the 'hold' period, in a process known as droop. In fast applications, acquisition time and settling time are also important.

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