Die Panikmacher: Die deutsche Angst vor dem Islam Eine by Patrick Bahners

By Patrick Bahners

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The first affects the human sciences; the other impacts the physical sciences. The argument that Islam is one of the unacknowledged roots of Western civilization flows from this historical perspective: Islamic philosophy and science impacted the high medieval and renaissance cultures to produce Western civilization, especially after the Enlightenment. Within the monotheist worldview that is central to Islam, the Qur a¯n is the literary amber of revelation – the primary mode of disclosure of God’s will for humanity.

The important thing to remember is that cosmogony often functions as “sociogony” – the genesis of society. Just as God is the creator of the physical universe, the Qur a¯n is the great moral and social civilizer of human (Muslim) society, when ideally applied. Revelation We have stated earlier that the Qur a¯n is a revelation (actually a series of revelations) direct from God. In practice that means that everything the Qur a¯n says is taken as truth. This fact is clearly of profound importance in appreciating the status and authority of the Qur a¯n.

This custom dictated that when a person from a tribe or a clan was threatened, it was the duty of the entire tribe or clan to defend that person, if necessary by going to war. Life in Mecca and surrounding regions was harsh. The land was generally arid. No agriculture of note existed. While Mecca itself was a settled community, there were plenty of nomadic tribes around Mecca which were constantly on the move in search of water and vegetation for their animals, primarily camels and goats. Raids by one tribe on another were common.

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