Dictionary Geotechnical Engineering/Wörterbuch GeoTechnik: by Helmut Herrmann, Herbert Bucksch

By Helmut Herrmann, Herbert Bucksch

An extraordinary reference source, the "Dictionary Geotechnical Engineering" contains greater than 70.000 certain entries. a number of the entries are supplemented by way of synonyms and/or extra factors as required and beneficial. in addition to phrases from normal geology, the dictionary lays emphasis on themes in utilized geoscience. major fields are: - mining - soil technological know-how - earthwork - exploration geology - geophysics - geomorphology - starting place engineering - hydrogeology - hydraulic engineering - cartography - geology of mineral deposits - mineralogy - oceanography - and surveying. greater than 10.000 new phrases are integrated during this moment variation, plus prolonged factors of many phrases formerly translated.

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Das Justieren ist also ein Eingriff, der das Messgera¨t oder die Maßverko¨rperung oft bleibend vera¨ndert] adjusting collimator ● Justierkollimator m, Einstell(ungs)kollimator, Abgleichkollimator [Zur Pru¨fung und Justierung geoda¨tischer Instrumente] adjusting distance > focus(s)ing distance adjusting error ● Justierfehler m, Einstell(ungs)fehler, Abgleichfehler adjusting lens > focus(s)ing lens adjusting mark > focus(s)ing mark adjusting microscope > focus(s)ing microscope adjusting plane > focus(s)ing plane adjusting scale > focus(s)ing scale adjusting table ● Einstell(ungs)stand m, Abgleichstand, Justierstand [Zur stabilen Aufnahme und Ausrichtung optischer Instrumente von Justierkollimatoren] adjusting value > focus(s)ing value adjustment [subrosion] ● Nachsacken n adjustment > adjusting adjustment.

Adamellite has been called a granite, with plagioclase forming one-third to twothirds of the total fel(d)spar] ● Adamellit m Adamic earth, terra adamica, Adam’s earth [Terms used for common clay, in reference to the material of which Adam, the first man, was made, specifically a kind of red clay] ● Ro¨telerde f, englische Erde, adamische Erde, Adam(s)erde, Damaszenererde Adamite [trade name]; artificial corundum powder ● ku¨nstliches Korundpulver n adamsite [obsolete] > muscovite adaptability ● Anpassungsfa¨higkeit f adap(ta)tion ● Adap(ta)tion f, Anpassung f, Angepasstsein n adarce ● Kalkablagerung f durch Quell(en)wasser, Mineralquellenkalkablagerung, Kalkablagerung von Mineralquellen added mass flow ● instationa¨re Potentialstro¨mung f to add (to) ● beimischen to add flowing against ● anstro¨men [Im Anfließen ansetzen] adding together > stack(ing) addition ● Nachsetzen n [Rohr bei grabenloser Verlegung] addition constant ● Additionskonstante f, Additionsbetrag m additional (mine) claim, additional piece of a royalty ¨ berschar f [Nach den alten Bergordnungen in (⚒) ● U Deutschland beim Vermessen von einem streichenden Grubenfeld ein zwischen zwei einander entgegengestreckten Feldern u¨brig gebliebenes Stu¨ck, welches noch nicht die gesetzliche Gro¨ße fu¨r eine Maßeinheit hat und daher nicht verliehen werden kann.

Focus(s)ing. . adjustment approach ● Ausgleichsansatz m [Fotogrammetrie] adjustment computation, adjustment calculation, computation of (an) adjustment, calculation of (an) adjustment ● Ausgleichsrechnung, Fehlerausgleichsrechnung [Fotogrammetrie] adjustment equation ● Ausgleichsgleichung f [Fotogrammetrie] adjustment for definition, focus(s)ing ● Akkomodation f, Fokussierung, Scharfeinstellung f, Zielweiteneinstellung [Fotogrammetrie] adjustment formula ● Ausgleichsformel f [Fotogrammetrie] adjustment of cross section, cross section adjustment [The tendency in glaciers, rivers and streams to change the size of every cross section of the channel to accommodate the volume of ice or water that must pass through it] ● Querschnitt(s)angleichung f adjustment of observation, observation adjustment ● Fehlerausgleich(ung) m, (f) [Fotogrammetrie] adjustment ring ● Justierring m administrative diagram ● Grenz(en)skizze f [Kartografie.

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