Daily Language Review, Grade 7 by Evan Moor

By Evan Moor

Provide your seventh-graders the concentrated language arts perform they should preserve their language talents sharp.

36 weeks of perform covers standards-based talents such as:

Vocabulary/Word Study
* affixes
* analogies
* base/root words
* figurative language
* homophones
* idioms
* spelling

* punctuation: finish of sentence, discussion, letters, and run-on sentences
* apostrophes: contractions an
* possessives
* commas: sequence, dates, addresses, direct address/interjections, and compound and complicated sentences
* semicolons

* starting of sentence
* books, songs, and poems
* right nouns

Grammar and Usage

* right article, adjective, adverb, conjunction
* simply harassed words
* sentences: elements, kinds, constitution, fragments, and combining
* verbs: components, stressful, contract with topic, utilization, and spelling
* nouns: singular/plural, possessive, and proper
* pronouns: subject/object, possessive, and antecedents
* prepositional phrases/prepositions/objects of a preposition
* double negatives

Other Skills

* dictionary consultant words
* syllabication
* outlines

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Sample text

4. A red-tailed hawk sat in the maple tree, it was watching the bird feeder. How many syllables are in this word? 5. indb 56 10/28/09 12:25 PM 18 Wednesday Name: Write these sentences correctly. 1. The little boy feeled vary proud when he tyed his shoes by hisself 2. There is many kinds of fish at lake greyson but trout are the most commonest. Circle the antecedent of each underlined pronoun. • Daily Language Review • EMC 2797 Daily Language Review WEEK 3. An emu is one of many birds that don’t use their wings to fly.

1. fred who was dealing with an unhappy customer goes to look for the stor manager. 2. Paul we have a problem with a angry customer fred said. Underline the helping, or auxiliary, verb in this sentence. 3. We hadn’t been there very long before it started to rain. • Daily Language Review • EMC 2797 WEEK Is this word singular, plural, or both? 4. scissors Circle the linking verb in this sentence. 5. My mom thinks that skateboarding can be dangerous. indb 42 10/28/09 12:25 PM 13 Friday Name: Correct the errors in this business letter.

Raced around the bases as fast as he could 20 Tuesday Name: Write these sentences correctly. 1. I where sunglases in the summer, because the sun shines to strong for me. 2. Insted of living in houses people who lives in citys usualy have apartments. Underline the subject and circle the predicate in this sentence. • Daily Language Review • EMC 2797 Daily Language Review WEEK 3. A speech to Congress is an important event. Circle the conjunction in each sentence. 4. She doesn’t have much time to dance because she’s working.

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