Daily Language Practice 5th Grade: Use It! Don't Lose It! by Pat Alvord, Marjorie Frank, Kathleen Bullock

By Pat Alvord, Marjorie Frank, Kathleen Bullock

This day-by-day perform sequence is helping your scholars use their talents, so that they wont lose them. There are 5 difficulties an afternoon, on a daily basis for 36 weeks. The perform actions are manage in a spiraling scope and series in order that scholars perform talents at average durations. each one weeks difficulties are in line with a grade-level acceptable subject so each time a ability indicates up, it has a brand new context requiring scholars to dig into their stories, keep in mind what they comprehend, and use it on a brand new state of affairs.

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4. Add a word ending in –graph to complete each sentence. a. Before the telephone, people often sent messages via _________________ . b. Perhaps the author will _________________ your copy of her book. Use It! Don’t Lose It! , Nashville, TN WEDNESDAY WEEK 14 _____________________________LANGUAGE PRACTICE Name 1. What is the meaning of the bold word? The temperature and humidity in caves is invariable throughout the year. 5. Follow the directions. 2. An article about spelunking (caving) safety would be written in which mode?

Capitalize the story title correctly. italian recipes for novices 4. What can you infer (guess) about the person who wrote the book in #3? THURSDAY WEEK 17 ________________________________LANGUAGE PRACTICE Name 1. Edit the passage. the idea for delivering pizza began in italy in the 1800s the pizza was kept warm in a small tin stove which a delivery boy carried on his head 5. Rewrite the passage so it flows more smoothly and has more interesting word choice. Every Saturday night we go to my grandparents’ for dinner.

Dinner Use It! Don’t Lose It! , Nashville, TN FRIDAY WEEK 17 _______________________________________LANGUAGE PRACTICE Name READ Read the directions and follow carefully. 1. Gather some crayons or makers. 2. Draw a pizza crust on the dotted line. 3. Draw 9 pieces of pepperoni on one half and 14 mushroom pieces on the other half. 4. Add 5 shrimp to the half with the mushrooms. 5. Use a yellow crayon or marker to add sprinkles of shredded cheese on the whole pizza. 6. Use red to color the sauce in all the empty spaces on the whole pizza, leaving a half-inch of crust on the edge.

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