Contemporary Maritime Piracy: International Law, Strategy, by James Kraska

By James Kraska

In the prior decade, the occurrence of maritime piracy has exploded. the 1st 3 months of 2011 have been the worst ever, with 18 ships hijacked, 344 staff taken hostage, and seven staff contributors murdered. The 4 american citizens on board the crusing vessel Quest have been shot at point-blank diversity. the commercial expenditures also are miraculous, attaining $7 to $12 billion in step with 12 months, as assurance expenses skyrocket, ransoms double after which quadruple, and ships are compelled to rent armed safety for cover. Pirates working off the Horn of Africa disrupt transport site visitors throughout the strategic Suez Canal, siphoning transit charges from an risky Egypt, whereas the seizure of supertankers within the Indian Ocean underscores the vulnerability of the world's oil provide.

Governments, inner most undefined, and overseas organisations have mobilized to deal with the probability. this can be the 1st quantity to ascertain their paintings in constructing naval method, foreign legislations and international relations, and instructions to suppress modern maritime piracy.

Contemporary Maritime Piracy: overseas legislation, process, and international relations at Sea includes 3 sections, the 1st of which incorporates chapters on old and modern piracy, foreign legislation and international relations, and coalition concepts for fighting destiny piracy. the second one and 3rd components supply collections of ancient profiles and appropriate documents.

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14 Some seafarers would rotate in and out of piracy as a survival strategy, temporarily abandoning legitimate pursuits in order to get through hard economic times. The wokou were Japanese pirates who raided the coastlines of China and Korea beginning in the 13th century until their decline in the 16th century. ” The term “wokou” is still used in China and Korea as a derogatory name for Japanese pirates. The wokou or wako were lordless samurai (ronin), soldiers, merchants, and smugglers, and later many of them originated in China rather than Japan.

27 Although Muslims were more systematic and successful in their use of Christian slaves, some Christian armies also used Muslims as slaves in the early modern period. Operating from their base at Rhodes, and later in Valetta, Malta, the crusading order of the Knights of Saint John, for example, conducted a continuous campaign of piracy and enslavement of Muslims to stem Islamic expansion westward. Muslim slaves were used by the Knights of Saint John to row galleys and as heavy labor in the construction of stone fortifications, or they were regarded as chattel and sold for profit.

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