Consumption, Informal Markets, and the Underground Economy: by Michael J. Pisani (auth.)

By Michael J. Pisani (auth.)

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He offered me a discount and no sales tax, but he would be unable to give me a receipt. I accepted the deal because of the low cost. The police arrested and charged the burglar. The judge ordered him to pay restitution for the damage he had committed to my home. I was not able to recover the money I spent on the door because I did not have a receipt for the purchase of the door. Additionally, how consumers feel about the moral economy of informal and underground consumption is posited to influence respondent participation in the informal and underground marketplace and has a long tradition in South Texas dating back to the Mexican War and the midnineteenth century (Díaz, 2010).

In a similar story, Erica Soto bought a used trailer home that was in dire need of remodeling. Erica and her husband were short on money, since all their savings went to purchasing the trailer home for cash. They hired Erica’s unemployed brother, Paco, to remodel the home. Paco did not have a license nor was he trained as a contractor, but he was a handyman with no job and plenty of free time. For the electric work Paco could not do, he used an acquaintance who was also paid informally. “It would have been more expensive to hire professionals to do the same job,” Erica said, which was obviously beyond her household’s means.

More likely to cross the border to purchase medications without a prescription are US residents and the undocumented; those who believe buying informally is less than completely right are less likely to cross the border to purchase medications without a prescription. Lastly, middle class household members and those over 40 are much more likely to purchase other unauthorized medications across the border, while those who believe it is wrong or somewhat right to purchase informal goods are less likely to do so.

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