Configuring and Tuning Databases on the Solaris Platform by Allan N. Packer

By Allan N. Packer

Utilizing this booklet, database execs can dramatically increase the functionality and cost-effectiveness of almost any database program working at the SolarisA (R) platform. Solaris database optimization expert Allan Packer provides start-to-finish counsel on optimizing all 4 major Solaris databases: Oracle, DB2, Sybase, and Informix. Configuring and Tuning Databases at the Solaris Platform brings jointly best-practice instructions for each element of database tuning on solar servers. Drawing on years of craftsmanship as a solar advisor, Packer provides specific innovations for facts format, CPU and reminiscence configuration, and method sizing. He introduces a scientific, drill-down tracking process designed to aid database pros determine and get to the bottom of procedure bottlenecks that inhibit database functionality. Packer demystifies database tuning by way of delivering a short primer that explains database structure, key database strategies, and the way to take advantage of key subsystems akin to question optimizers and buffer cache. He describes and opinions each one prime database benchmark, delivering suggestions for utilizing benchmarks -- and never misusing them.

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Commercial software houses tend to base development on a rigorous policy of quality assurance, source and revision control systems, documentation, and bug reporting and resolution. Developers are not allowed to add features or to change key sections of code on a whim: they must validate the change as a response to a bug report and consequently “check in” all changes to the source control system so that the changes can be backed out if necessary. ” Internally, the quality assurance department runs rigorous test suites (so-called regression tests) on each new pass of the operating system and reports any bugs.

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