Coatings of Polymers and Plastics by Rose A. Ryntz, Philip V. Yaneff

By Rose A. Ryntz, Philip V. Yaneff

Surveys contemporary advancements in coating polymers and plastics. Evaluates the coatings functionality compromise in coating choice for polymers and plastics.

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Melted thermoplastics have special characteristics, particularly because pushing force creates what is generally described as Poiseuille Flow in the material. When pushed, the molding material exhibits different levels of shear stress across the thickness of the part. Variations in stress levels can be controlled through design and processing, but are always a consideration in thermoplastic injection processes. Stress variations can affect the physical strength of the part, influence its ability to maintain shape and dictate its reaction when contacted by solvents or other chemicals.

With thermoplastics, the amount of heat that must be removed will be somewhat less than the total heat introduced at the beginning of the process. The amount of heat removed with thermosets may have to be considerably more, because chemical reactions can produce additional heat during part formation that must be managed in the finished components. 3 BASIC PROCESSING MECHANICS The path from raw material to molded component may be either straightforward or convoluted, but all plastics processing methods make use of fundamental physical forces to accomplish work.

For example, raising the temperature increases diffusion by reducing viscosity, with especially large effects occurring if the temperature change traverses the Tg and/or Tm of the material. Enhancements in interdiffusion can also be achieved by (1) the addition of a plasticizer—which effectively reduces the Tg of the coating; (2) using a lower molecular weight polymer—which reduces the viscosity at all temperatures; and (3) increased intermolecular interactions—which can create a stronger chemical driving force toward diffusion.

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