Climate Extremes and Society by Henry F Diaz; Richard J Murnane

By Henry F Diaz; Richard J Murnane

A systematic exploration of adjusting climatic extremes and their affects on society.

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H. F. Diaz and R. J. Murnane. Published by Cambridge University Press. # Cambridge University Press 2008. 36 H. Brooks and N. Dotzek particularly in agriculture. ’’ Although definitions of what is called severe vary from place to place, in general, hail, high winds, tornadoes, and extremely heavy precipitation leading to flash flooding are frequently considered. Doswell (2001) provides an overview of the problem of severe convection. 1 Estimates of global occurrence and losses from them are not available, in general, although there are regional estimates.

Verbout et al. (2006) showed that the number of tornado reports increased by approximately 14 per year from 1954 to 2004 (Fig. 1). Brooks and Doswell (2001b) showed that this increase came from the increasing number of reported weak tornadoes over time, likely a result of factors such as improved public awareness and report collection procedures, increasing urbanization, or better radar identification of severe (and potentially tornadic) storms by the WSR-88D network. Further complicating the analysis is the apparent step function decrease in the number of strong and violent tornadoes that took place in the mid 1970s, 2 We note that records exist in many countries, but that, in general, these are developed by interested individuals independent of any professional meteorological or climatological responsibilities they may have.

The data are now best reproduced by a superposition of two independent Rayleigh distribution modes, characterized by different variances v02.

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