Christian economic ethics : history and implications by Daniel K. Finn

By Daniel K. Finn

What does the historical past of Christian perspectives of financial lifestyles suggest for financial lifestyles within the twenty-first century? the following Daniel Finn stories the insights supplied by way of a lot of texts, from the Bible and the early church, to the center a while and the Protestant Reformation, to remedies of the topic within the final century. counting on either social technological know-how and theology, Finn then turns to the results of this background for fiscal lifestyles this present day. all through, the publication invitations the reader to interact the assets and to strengthen a solution to the volume's easy query

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Sharmila and her husband used to try to support their family by producing homemade alcohol to supplement a dollar-a-day income. The alcohol did provide some extra cash for food and supplies, but had two significant problems. The first was that it often was used by individuals who were addicted to it and thus contributed to social problems in the region. The second was that Sharmila and her husband both drank too much of their own product and often argued, with Premprakash frequently beating her.

We will see that even where one answer was given for centuries and another answer was eventually provided by official church teaching, the essence of change in a living tradition is that change occurs in basic continuity with the past. Thus the traditional 3000-year-old teaching that slavery was morally acceptable in certain circumstances was eventually rejected when Christians institutionalized the understanding that all human beings are more fundamentally equal as children of one God than they are different, and that they all share the same God-given human dignity and all are redeemed in Christ.

In his perspective as a Christian, Gilder cites the awareness that so many successful individuals have reported that they received help from outside themselves; religious people understand this to come from God. Thus like Hinkelammert, Gilder differs from those individualists who claim that economic success is their own doing. But unlike Hinkelammert, who points to the ordinary workers who make the entrepreneur wealthy, Gilder points to a spiritual relationship with God as the underlying outside assistance that successful inventors and entrepreneurs rely on.

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