Chess Developments: The Sicilian Dragon by David Vigorito

By David Vigorito

Chess advancements is a new sequence offering state of the art assurance of chess openings. Chess advancements makes a speciality of severe strains, present developments, strong new principles and state-of-the-art conception. It deals avid gamers of all degrees the chance to extend their beginning wisdom and knowing, and to extend and improve their beginning repertoires. The Sicilian Dragon is surely some of the most renowned and eagerly mentioned chess openings. the most strains frequently result in tremendous advanced positions during which each side assault freely, one slip should be deadly, and a deep wisdom of the hole concept and nuances might turn out to be a decisive virtue. during this ebook, David Vigorito examines crucial and instructive Sicilian Dragon video games lately. Vigorito is recognized for his starting services, and his paintings is usually filled with leading edge rules. moreover, his lucid factors of the most important plans and strategies will gain all avid gamers. *Up-to-date insurance of the Sicilian Dragon *Packed with key new principles and important research *Written by way of a well known beginning specialist

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He may not be better either, but he at least has the safer king and his position is the easier to play. Fortunately for Black, he has some decent alternatives on moves 17 and 18. Bxe6 After 23 .. fxe6 24 fxe6 Bxe6 2S Bxe6+ Kg7 26 BfS White has good compensation for the pawn. 24 fxe6 Kg7 25 exf7 fs 26 hs Qf6 (Diagram 37) The position remains unclear. Black's king is a little exposed, but his passed pawns could become very strong. White is now tempted by a combination, but it should not work. 27 Rxd6?

Na3+ is a worse version ofthe game continuation, as White has an extra pawn on a3 and his king is safer on bl than b2. After 19 bxa3 Rxc3 20 fxg6 Rxb3+ 21 axb3 (also promising is 21 cxb3 fxg6 22 RC1) 21 .. Carlsson, Plovdiv 2008. 55 Chess Developments: The Sicilian Dragon 19 Kxb2 White could also consider 19 fxg6 Nxdl and now: a) 20 gxf7+ Kh7! 21 Nxdl Rf8 favours Black. b) 20 Bxf7+!? Kf8 21 Nxdl with the idea hS-h6 was suggested by Jones, but perhaps Black should prefer 20 ... Kh8!? 21 Nxdl Rf8 with the idea oftaking on f7.

Kh7 and now: ai} 21 Rxg4 Nxg4 22 Qxg4 Bxd4 and now 23 Qxd4 Bxf5 is good for Black, so White should take a draw with 23 Qh5+. a2} 21 Ne4! Qc8 22 Nxf6+ exf6 23 Rxg4 Nxg4 (Black will suffer after 23 ... Bxf5 24 Nxf5 Qxf5 25 Rgd4) 24 Qxg4 Bxf5 25 Qh5+ Kg7 26 Nxf5+ Qxf5 27 Rgl+ and White wins. b} 20 ... Kh8! ) 22 ... exf6 23 Rxg4 Nxg4 24 Qxg4 Bxf5 25 Qh5+ and now Black has 25 ... Bh7! with unclear play. b2} 21 Rxg4!? Nxg4 22 Qxg4 Bxd4 23 Qxd4+ (this is now check, but Black can survive; instead 23 Qh5+ is a draw) 23 ...

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