Check Point Vpn-1 / Firewall-1 on Aix: A Cookbook for by IBM Redbooks

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In that case, press Esc and then the = key to get a listing of possible matches. You may also want to alias those commands to your arrow keys. profile so that it gets executed every time you log in. ] AIX Version 4 (C) Copyrights by IBM and by others 1982, 1996. 3! * * * * * * Please see the README file in /usr/lpp/bos for information pertinent to * * this release of the AIX Operating System. dtprofile file. Uncomment out the last line: DTSOURCEPROFILE=true and try again. Set the time and date with # smitty chtz_date.

A new installation procedure enables guided, integrated installation of multiple products for greatly simplified product installations and upgrades. 1 supports the following additional services: • RTSP • PCAnywhere • IIOP (IONA and Oracle) • NetBIOS with NAT VPN-1 SecuRemote New functionality specific to VPN-1 SecuRemote Resilient Remote Access Resilient Remote Access is the capability of VPN-1 SecuRemote (and VPN-1 SecureClient) to seamlessly connect to an alternate gateway in the event the primary VPN-1 Gateway becomes unreachable.

For example, a customer with 600 users can purchase a 500 user license + 100 user license, not a 1000-user license. Benefit: • Enables more flexible licensing scenarios. 1 SP2 Release Notes. 1 Gateway New functionality specific to VPN-1/FireWall-1 Gateway Improved State Synchronization Kernel-based UDP synchronization replaces the former user-mode TCP method of synching state tables for VPN failovers between gateways configured for redundancy, either with the Check Point High Availability Module or with third-party HA solutions from OPSEC partners.

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