Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy by Jenny Nimmo

By Jenny Nimmo

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Paltry He hadn't practiced over the vacation and found himself out of breath and out of tune. Mr. Paltry rapped his knuckles, shouting, "No, no, no! " His squeaky voice almost deafened Charlie, and when the bell rang, Charlie was so eager to escape that he almost fell over Olivia Vertigo as he raced for the garden door. Today her hair was striped black and gold, her face was covered in white powder, and her eyes were ringed with black. She looked more like an exotic raccoon than anything else, though Charlie refrained from saying so.

The boy and the dog left the house together. They were best friends and Runner Bean wouldn't have dreamed of disobeying Benjamin, but today he dragged his paws very reluctantly up the steps of number nine. Benjamin rang the bell and Runner Bean howled. It was the howl that woke Charlie. Everyone else in the house woke briefly thought they'd had a nightmare, and went back to sleep. Charlie, recognizing the howl, staggered downstairs to open the door. " he asked, blinking at the streetlights. " "Sort of," said Benjamin.

Or worse," muttered Olivia. " They were sitting on a log pile in blazing sunshine. It promised to be a brilliant summer, which was just as well because the school play would be performed in the open air. " Charlie asked Emma. " Emma shrugged. "Who knows? She makes things. " The hunting horn sounded and the four children slid off the logs and headed toward the academy "I wish we could do something about Ollie," said Emma as they reached the garden door. "Maybe if we got detention and stayed in school till Saturday .

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