Capital Movements and Economic Development by John H. Adler (eds.)

By John H. Adler (eds.)

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The task has been well carried out by Jeffrey G. Williamson who found, over the long swing, '. . 2 The conclusion is corroborated after a critical look at the merchandise trade and service balances and the net gold movements. We must briefly refer to recent research on two other important capital-importing countries, Canada and Australia. Annual estimates of the Canadian balance of payments for 1868-99 have been produced by Penelope Hartland ; J thus, with estimates previously available from 1900 onward, we now have an unbroken series covering almost Matthew Simon, op.

SeeS. Kuznets, Secular Movements in Production and Prices, Boston and New York, Houghton Miffiin, 1930. 3 S. Kuznets, Capital in the American Economy: Its Formation and Financing, Princeton University Press for the National Bureau of Economic Research, Oxford University Press, 1961, pp. 316-360. 1 2 Thomas- International Capital Movements to 1913 Any attempt to explain the ebb and flow of international factor movements must concentrate on the process of interaction within the Atlantic economy. 1 This can be shown by referring to Schumpeter's monumental analysis of the capitalist process in the nineteenth century.

413. 4 Bowley, op. , p. 76. 3 Jenks, op. , p. 414. 5 Capital Movements and Economic Development balances and of the amount of capital export have generally been exaggerated, partly because of the assumption, which the "official" valuations of merchandise trade seemed to confirm, that British factories produced huge export surpluses at this time. Even when the merchandise trade statistics had greatly improved, after 1853, the uncertainty concerning the "invisibles" which offset the huge trade deficits left room for some very large errors.

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