By the Monkey's Tail (Telares Trilogy) by Kerrie O'Connor

By Kerrie O'Connor

The escapades of Lucy, Ricardo, and their Telarian associates proceed during this exciting sequel to the preferred in the course of the Tiger’s Eye. Featuring magical realism components, the radical once more reunites the younger neighbors, this time to outwit the warriors who're oppressing civilians in the fantasy international of Telares. The feisty younger protagonists conflict an underground river, participate in a determined chase, and test a bold rescue mission. A dramatic mixture of mind's eye, pleasure, and humor, this novel additionally touches on vital matters akin to political repression and baby exertions.

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Everyone laughed. He was lying where he had fallen. Not one but a pile of hard green mangoes and squashed golden ones were littered about him, and his face and hair were anointed with a squishy golden paste. ’ said Lucy admiringly, looking at the monkeys with new respect. Then she ducked as Toro’s monkey took aim at her and fired with deadly accuracy. 38 By the Monkey's Tail 6/6/06 2:05 PM Page 39 Toro remonstrated in Telarian and his monkey cringed theatrically. Then it clambered up a tree, hanging its head as though deeply ashamed.

They were so scared and hungry, chained up like dogs. All Angel had to wear was a torn sack. But not any more! We won. Did you see the Bull Commander? ’ Lucy’s elation returned tenfold. ’ asked Janella. ’ ‘I don’t know,’ said Lucy. ‘The horse definitely wasn’t there three months ago. We rescued the kids before they could finish it. Besides, they didn’t have the proper pattern. But we do! It’s in the dragon chest. ’ ‘I don’t get it,’ said Janella. ‘What’s so special about a picture of the carpet?

With a stab of emotion, Lucy wondered whether Angel’s life would ever return to normal. Would she be grown up before she got to wear another party dress? How long before the invading Bull soldiers left Telares forever and all Lucy’s Telarian friends found their parents again? Her gaze settled on Carlos. It was way too late for him. The Bulls had seen to that. How did you ever get over your parents being murdered? Lucy caught Rahel’s eager smile across the table, and realised the Telarian was really pleased to see her.

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