BSD Hacks: 100 Industrial-strength Tips & Tools by Dru Lavigne

By Dru Lavigne

In the area of Unix working structures, a few of the BSDs include an extended history of high quality software program and well-designed suggestions, making them a favourite OS of quite a lot of clients. between budget-minded clients who followed BSD early directly to builders of a few of today's biggest websites, the recognition of BSD platforms maintains to develop. in case you use the BSD working process, then you definitely be aware of that the key of its luck isn't just in its ticket: functional, trustworthy, terribly reliable and versatile, BSD additionally bargains lots of fertile floor for inventive, time-saving tweaks and methods, and convinced, even the opportunity to have a few enjoyable.
"Fun?" you ask. maybe "fun" wasn't lined within the handbook that taught you to put in BSD and administer it successfully. yet BSD Hacks, the newest in O'Reilly's well known Hacks sequence, bargains a special set of functional information, tips, tools--and even fun--for directors and tool clients of BSD platforms.
BSD Hacks takes an artistic method of saving time and getting extra performed, with fewer assets. You'll make the most of the instruments and ideas that make the world's most sensible Unix clients extra efficient. instead of spending hours with a dry technical record studying what switches opt for a command, you'll examine concrete, sensible makes use of for that command.
The e-book starts with hacks to customise the consumer atmosphere. You'll the best way to be extra efficient within the command line, timesaving counsel for environment user-defaults, how you can automate lengthy instructions, and store lengthy classes for later assessment. different hacks within the e-book are grouped within the following components:
Customizing the consumer surroundings
Dealing with records and Filesystems
The Boot and Login Environments
Backing Up
Networking Hacks
Securing the procedure
Going past the fundamentals
Keeping updated
Grokking BSD
If you will have greater than your standard BSD user--you are looking to discover and test, unearth shortcuts, create priceless instruments, and are available up with enjoyable issues to attempt in your own--BSD Hacks is a must have. This ebook will flip commonplace clients into strength clients and method directors into great procedure administrators.
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Try this the next time you want to know what time it is: % grdc Whoa, you can see that one from across the room. That's not a bad idea if you want to send your cubicle buddy a hint. logout. When I log out, my terminal displays the time until I press Ctrl-c and log in again. That's sort of a built-in password protected screen saver for the terminal. 2 The phase of the moon Have you ever read man pom? It has one of the more useful descriptions I've seen: The pom utility displays the current phase of the moon.

Keep in mind that using a tool like unison can provide a mechanism for someone to attempt to feed updates into your central file repository. When you log into a host and run the update, be conscious of whether unison asks for approval to send back changes. login, which could end up giving the attacker access to every system you use that script on. unison will ask for confirmation for every file change. Presumably, your central host is secure, but you need to be particularly conscious when permitting file uploads.

If you use the tcsh shell and enjoy viewing your history [Hack #1], you'll be disappointed if you remap your up and down arrows. The right and left arrows can also be problematic if you use them for navigation, say, in a text editor. Finally, if you're physically sitting at your FreeBSD system, F1 through F8 are already mapped to virtual terminals and F9 is mapped to your GUI terminal. By default, F10 to F12 are unmapped. If you start experimenting with mappings and find you're stuck with one you don't like, you can quickly return all of your keys to their default mappings with this command: % kbdcontrol -F On the other hand, if you find some new mappings you absolutely can't live without, make them permanent.

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