Breaking Up the Euro: The End of a Common Currency by Dimitris N. Chorafas (auth.)

By Dimitris N. Chorafas (auth.)

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Anyway, it has not been made public. Words, words, and words—leading A PROBABLE “IMPOSSIBILITY” 13 to ever greater instability rather than providing confidence to the common citizen, investors, and the market. This absence of written confirmation may be due to the classical mismanagement of EU and Euroland affairs. But there is as well another hypothesis that cannot be rejected outright. We are entering an era of banksterism, state gangsterism, and too-big-to-jaill policies (chapter 4). History shows that these are softly introduced by little Caesars without even asking parliaments to give an opinion.

What will be the required investment? How long will it take to recover the capital? 36 BREAKING UP THE EURO ● ● ● From where will the funds come? What is the projected return on investment? Is it really worth the time and money? Answers to these queries must be factual and documented, while arguments of convenience and reasons for delays should not be welcomed. In addition, both those asking for funds and the examiners must keep in mind that it is far easier to get into a project than to get out of it.

On the basis of a couple of telephone conversations they agreed to throw the money to the four winds. This is plain mismanagement evidently aggravated by the lack of leadership, the absence of which is felt not only in the European Commission THE LACK OF LEADERSHIP 29 but also in every Western country from America to Europe, except perhaps Germany and Britain (but even that is not sure). In the meantime the problems do not cease to exist and superficial summits (section 3) make matters worse. Who can forget that since the beginning of the great debt crisis, which started in mid-2007 in America with the collapse of the subprimes, on both sides of North Atlantic governments have essentially used two ways to stop the drift of Western economies into deep recession: ● ● Uncontrollable deficit spending, and Nonstop money printing by central banks.

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