Benthic Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of the South Caribbean by H. M. Bolli, J.-P. Beckmann, J. B. Saunders

By H. M. Bolli, J.-P. Beckmann, J. B. Saunders

This e-book offers a huge information set for benthic foraminifera present in the vintage southern Caribbean quarter. It assembles facts on a thousand of an important species for the time span Cretaceous to Miocene (120 to ten million years sooner than present). Age levels are positioned in the framework of these used for planktic foraminifera present in Plankton Stratigraphy (Bolli et al., CUP, 1985). The taxa were stated to this point generically, and in lots of situations new comparisons between species were made--the past due Cretaceous and Early Paleogene are rather specified. this knowledge, including unique illustrations, will let the taxa for use stratigraphically.

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Fig. 8. Interpreted sparker profile showing the channel cut-and-fill structures at the base of seismicstratigraphical Unit T1 (Tienen Formation). Location is at about 51047' N-01~ ' E, just outside Fig. 2. 34 P. JACOBS & M. DE BATIST parallel reflectors, suggesting a relatively long period of stable, low-energy depositional environments. 5cmka -1 (Jacobs & Sevens 1988). In the 'homogeneous' clay section of the GR1 well, submicroscopical clay-particle orientations indicate transgressive and regressive trends (Van Bavinchove, pers.

V:. '.. ~--~:~--~ ; .. 00 _i_i~. Fig. 5. Composite litholog of the offshore boreholes GRI, SWB, SEWB and VR1, with correlation of identified litho-units. See Fig. 2 for location. 32 P. JACOBS & M. DE BATIST equivalent to seismic-stratigraphical Unit Y1 of De Batist & Henriet (1995) and largely correlates with the London Clay Formation of southern England. Owing to its thickness of more than 150 m its outcrop dominates the geological map, both offshore and onshore. Seismic-stratigraphical Unit Y1 is characterized by a homogeneous seismic facies of low-amplitude, discontinuous, SEISMIC STRATIGR.

As a whole, the foraminiferal assemblages in the three boreholes Kim-1, M-10 and Cleo-1 evidence the gradual shoaling of the North Sea due to filling of the basin after the mid-Miocene event. Contrary to what would have been expected from sequence stratigraphical models, References CAMERON, T. D. , BULAT, J. & MESDAG, C. S. 1993. High resolution seismic profile through a Late Cenozoic delta complex in the southern North Sea. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 10, 591-599. IGCP 124 WORKING GROUP 1988.

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